Remnants from the old galaxy
Countless years passed since humanity started to explore outside the solar system. The last human spaceship from cape Canaveral brings us to the first contact of spaceniods. We, humans, are not alone in the universe anymore.
The excitement of this discovery becomes normal. We shared, we traded, we learned from each other. Although sometimes it ended up with wars, we, spaceniods, grew up together.
Learning from the Diversity of civilized life makes all of us shape the idea of nation and unity, Discrimination is not happening by conquest and rules anymore. Each spaceniod magnetizes to a faction they’re in harmony with. Believing, faith, or race are still major things but other differences are always melted in the faction. This is the reason why each faction’s identity is very strong and technology bound to it.
The flourishing has ended when the Blast arrives. This is the point where all stories begin.
The Olympia
Olympia is a nation that flourished in the old galaxy. They took pride in their elite robots which although low in numbers but surpassed all other nation's robots in terms of performance. When they discovered The Blast, they wasted no time and started developing the FTL device. Yet they realized they could not do this alone. Olympia then proposed Project Ark to save all lifeforms of the old galaxy from extinction.
Sacred Utopia of Belestia
People of Belestia worship a divine identity known as The sacred beast. They believe that Belestian and beast are the ideal life forms that The sacred beast provided. Belestian live in harmony with beasts and both lifeforms hold mutual respect, hence their robots are half human half beast in design.
Empire of Velas
The Velasian took pride in their law and order. They can work with the correction and precision of machines but still hold the flexibility and creativity of a biological being. They take pride in their craftsmanship and they always make sure all their robots are elegant and perfect.
Techno Council of Galann
Mad scientist? Galactic genius? There is a thin line between these two and every scientist in Galann chooses to believe they are the latter. A nation with the most technological advancement in the old galaxy yet they seek no aggression, they seek no conquest, they only seek to solve the mystery of "What are we, where do we come from and where are we going". Galannian takes a different approach when they build their robots. Most of their robots always include experimental functions or have an unconventional design. After all, how can a normal person understand the design sense of a genius?
Free people of Neonite
Humanities made it to the stars. We did not just survive, we thrive. Millennia passed, descendants of humans are known as the free people of Neonite. Neonites are well known for their wealth. Their skills in trades are peerless in the old galaxy. Robots of Neonite represent their hope, bravery, dreams, and imagination.
The holy sanctum of Walkyr
Capable of roaming freely in space without the help of any device, Walkyrs are truly born for space combat. They also wield strong psychic abilities, Monstrous strength, impossible vitality, along with their advanced armaments, Walkyrs never lose a single battle. They wage war with faith that the galaxy will be united and can finally be at peace, but after countless millennia of warfare, they have come to realize that war is not a solution for peace. Since then they have become a guardian, a keeper of peace that will only interfere when needed to.
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