Union (Phase 3 Content)

As mentioned, a starbase owner can become the founder of a Union and allow other seekers to join their cause. Every Union member can contribute their resources and efforts to build Union facilities, which will be available for every member to use. At first, seekers hope to reunite spacenoid and start a new civilization in Arkarus again. But Arkarus does not have that much to offer.
It started with small pillage, then broke out to an all-out war for resources between seekers. Planetoids in Arkarus are the main source of valuable resources, the union that controls those planetoids will have the right to extract resources from it.
Each planetoid will have its own impregnable barrier, once the barrier is down the planetoids will be available for conquest. The victor will be allowed to install shield batteries, re-enact the barrier, and extract resources safely...until the battery runs out igniting the flames of war yet again.