Each robot will have its status consisting of the following
Hp - How much damage this robot can take before destroyed
En - Amount of energy available for this robot to use its combat abilities ATK - Affect offensive capability of this robot such as increasing damage done
DEF - Affect defensive capability of this robot such as reducing damage taken SPD - Initiative of this robot, also affect evasion rate
HIT - Affect attack accuracy of this robot
Operation Power - Indicate how well can this robot perform in operations. Operation power can be increased by Enhancing your robot. We also planned more content that you can utilize Operation Power in the future.
Operation Point - Each robot has a maximum Operation Point of 20. Each operation will consume 5 Operation Points. Operation points are restored every day at server reset time.
Durability - Every in-game action will cause wear and tear to the robot and it will lose 5 durabilities in the process. Once the robot’s durability becomes 0, it will not be able to perform any action until it is repaired. Robots can be repaired using Recovery modules, available as an in-game reward or purchasing from an in-game shop.
Last modified 1yr ago