Interchangeable part

Unlock the true potential of your robot! Interchangeable parts offer a way for your robot to gain new abilities or even use an attack of another class. This system allows you to formulate new plans of attack, create endless combo and synergies! You can unlock parts by enhancing your robots, we also plan to allow seekers to obtain new parts from Gacha as well.
The first phase of this game will be focused on the operation mode. Which will task every seeker to gather resources by breaking into the ancient vaults of Arkarus.
In Phase 2, a gateway to inner Arkarus will be opened, and the true threat of every seeker is revealed. The battle system will be implemented for both PvP and PvE, the statuses of each robot will be fully utilized, and the real adventure will begin! We will also reduce the importance of operation mode to increase the reward for battle mode.
In Phase 3, after seekers have explored the deeper part of Arkarus, they can start to claim a Starbase. The owner of a Starbase will have access to a wide range of benefits and become a leader of a Union which unites other seekers together to fight for valuable resources against other Union. This is where the battle ends and the war begins!