Let’s take a closer look at robot classes in Arkarus: Robots in Arkarus will be categorized into 4 groups with each group consisting of 2 classes of Robots
Each group will also have interaction with each other, each group will have their strength and weakness. For example, the Juggernaut is strong against Gladiator, dealing more damage to them. While Juggernaut is also weak against Sentinel, dealing less damage to them.
Each robot can also use attacks from other classes, this can be customized by interchangeable parts. For example, a defensive robot that is equipped with a sniper attack part can use that attack to deal more damage to Predators!

Juggernaut (Red)

Defensive: Defensive robots boast their incredible toughness, even though their offensive capability is lower than many classes, just staying alive can change the outcome of some battles.
Heavy weapon: Artillery, AoE attacks are the main traits of Heavy weapon robots. They specialize in mass destruction, their accuracy might not be impressive, but all you need is one brutal hit.

Gladiator (Green)

Evasive: Normally be the first to act in combat, evasive robots are speedsters that are excel at dodging enemies attacks. They might be fragile but that only matters when they can hit you.
Close combat: Smash and bash your way with Close combat robots! These robots can break through any robots that stand in your way. You might take some hit but your enemies always have to pay for that.

Predator (Yellow)

Covert: These robots are tricksters, they can disappear from enemy sights, create illusions or misdirect enemy attention to the target of convenience
Sniper: Snipers can take out your priority target with the highest accuracy in the game. One shot might not always net you one kill but that is enough to take you one step ahead!

Sentinel (Blue)

Support: The real backbone of the team, support robots can repair, buff your team, or debuff your enemies!
Range combat: Range combat robots provide stable damage output from a safer distance. Their burst damage might be lower than close combat robots, but remember this, the dead robot deals no damage!
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